We're able to localize everything within communities except for the attributes of a component. (Please see the screenshot)
enter image description here We want that {!$Label} to be converted to the custom label. According to their help, that's how we should do it but it doesn't work.


Ok finally salesforce got back to me. Booooo salesforce. This is their response: "We were able to verify that this is actually working as designed. Custom labels are currently only consumable via Lightning Components and those Lightning Components can then be used in Builder. But you can't reference the labels directly within Builder." for example you cannot localize the leader board header and yet they call it a fully localized environment lol

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I tried with the label attribute of tabs - might work for other attributes. This is what I’ve done:

  • Enter community setup (the gearbox top left) and add a language eg. German
    • as result you gain a little globe top right where you can switch. That globe is visible to users too
    • add a tab component with a few tabs eg Customers,Dealers,Warranty
    • use the globe to switch to German
    • Edit the labels: Kunden,Händler,Garantie
    • Switch back to English: you get the old labels back

Now try with your custom component! Good luck

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