I have sObject for example Account, with records.

And two users John and Jack.

I want show to this users part of records, by using criteria.

Something like, John show records with Account.Name = Zara,

and Jack show records with Account.date=something

How it possible?

How do this from triggers.


Organization-wide sharing defaults set the baseline access for your records. You can set the defaults separately for different objects.

You need to set Organization-Wide Sharing setting as Private for Account and need to open up Access to Account record using Criteria-based sharing rules.

Criteria-based sharing rules determine whom to share records with based on field values in records.

OWD Settings

Criteria-based sharing

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Here is how you can achieve it.

  1. make account object private
  2. create sharing rule as per your criteria. for ex. Account.Name = Zara then share record with John
  3. Create other sharing rules as per your requirements
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