I have a lead field that is a multi-select picklist called "Subject". Sometimes there is a value that isn't a proper value, like "AP Physics" instead of just "Physics". I'm wanting to add a bit to my autolaunched flow that will fix this subject.

In the flow when I store varSubject as a multi-select picklist, I'm unable to remove any values from it as far as I can tell. I can add a value using an assignment element, but I need to also remove the old one.


One workaround is to store varSubject as a text value. With this you can use the Substitute function in a formula to replace the incorrect value with the correct one. You can nest substitutes and put it all in one formula. Also remember to remove the brackets at the beginning and end of the string, because that is how multi-select picklists are stored. Another substitute but with the brackets being replaced by nothing.

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