When can I view Sharing Button on a Record in general?

  • Is it only when an Object is set to Private on Org Wide Defaults?


  • When the Objects OWD is Private or Public Read only?

Is there any other scenario this "Sharing Button" can be visible for a Record.

  • If anyone's looking for this in the Lightning UI, look no more. There is still NO Sharing button in the Lightning UI. See this help article and this IdeaExchange idea. Confirmed as of the Winter '20 release. Crazy that this still hasn't been prioritized... – Bow-chicawow-ers Oct 30 '19 at 4:43

There is a small article on Salesforce help

You have access to the Sharing button when your sharing model is either Private or Public Read Only for a type of record or related record. For example, the Sharing button may appear on an account even though your organization-wide default for accounts is Public Read/Write, if your organization-wide default for related opportunities is Public Read Only.

When the button is available on the page layout, administrators see the button on all records. Non-administrators see this button on records that only they own.

Here you have an example of other scenario and an answer to your question.

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The OWD of Activity is Private. but there is no Sharing button is Task level. So the above explanation is not applicable for Activity. We can't even write sharing rules to share an activity.

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    @OlesMalkov. can you verify this pls. – Santanu Boral Jul 8 '16 at 16:32
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    Well, that is an exception in SF sharing model. We can't share activities, however if sharing model is "controlled by parent", we can share parent object. – Oles Malkov Jul 11 '16 at 9:32

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