I have a class that processes some data returned by a query. The query is based on the createddate column of the object. In this case, the query specifically retrieves data created 3 days before today.

So as an example, the query would have the

Select Id, Name, Amount__c FROM MyCustomObject__C WHERE CreatedDate = TODAY - 3 as the condition to fetch records.

In my test class any records I insert in the MyCustomeOBject__c would always have the CreatedDate = TODAY

So how can I make test data that was created 3 days ago?


You can use following:

Test.setCreatedDate(recordId, createdDatetime);

Sets CreatedDate for a test-context sObject.

Datetime testingday = Datetime.now().addDays(-3);
Test.setCreatedDate(MyCustomObject__c.Id, testingday); 
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  • Good answer. I am stuck in another part of my test class. I believe this will solve the issue. Thx. – abhi Jul 7 '16 at 18:57

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