We are using Lightning in my Salesforce instance, and I am trying to add "New Account" and "New Contact" to my overall Global Actions (+) option. They are not showing there, even though I have modified both my layouts and updated the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions like so:

Publisher Actions

When I go to the Global Actions (+) the New Account, New Contact option are not there and do not show up on any other objects.

Any reason why?

FYI - my org have 3 different record types for accounts and contacts. (I have made custom actions for them and still nothing).

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According to the Trailhead unit Understanding How Actions Work in Lightning Experience:

The Global Actions menu displays a subset of global actions from the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section of the global publisher layout. Specifically, these types of global actions are supported in the menu: Log a Call and Create a Record quick actions that point to the Events, Notes, and Tasks objects.

So, anything that isn't related to activities or notes is being filtered out.

  • Thanks!!! I read that but wanted to make sure! Jul 7, 2016 at 17:05
  • I have been researching but there is a clear cut way to remove the Global Action (+) from the homepage in Lightning without impacting Salesforce1, correct? Jul 7, 2016 at 18:10

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