Since a couple patches ago, My lightning component has not been working correctly in a lightning tab.

When I first open the browser, and I navigate to the tab containing my component for the first time, everything works perfectly, no issues at all. However, when I move to a different tab and navigate back to the lightning tab, or I refresh the page, the app no longer works, and instead throws an error every time I attempt to open the tab.

The error is

    [NoErrorObjectAvailable] Access Check Failed! 
AuraComponentService.createComponentFromConfig(): 'markup://ltng:require' is not visible to
 'markup://mylongnamespace:AppContainer {8:1;0}'.

This is obviously invalid since every lightning component should be able to access the ltng:require markup, not to mention that it works on the first try, so something is screwed up on the subsequent loads only.

If I disable the "Enforce Lightning Components Access Checks" security updates, I no longer get the error popup, but the app still does not load.

The console now displays an exception,

TypeError: Action failed: ltng$require$controller$init [TypeError: valueProvider.get is not a function]

and the offending line is from the Aura Framework itself.. Aura error

Neither error makes any sense to me and I am pretty lost on what I am supposed to do. If anyone could help me out or provide an explanation, it would be appreciated.

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