Our salesforce is integrated with a third party that activates and deactivates users on a daily basis.

Given this situation, it would be ideal that licenses for managed packages are allocated/de-allocated automatically.

Is this possible?

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I suspect it is only possible to manually allocate managed package user licenses.

"The bridge between The "manage Licenses" Section of the Installed App and the actual User Record is not reachable on the platform..." Ideas: Managed Package License Reporting

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    +1 to this. I've worked at two ISVs now and can confirm there's nothing allowing anybody to programmatically assign licenses. Jun 19, 2013 at 20:42

I know it is marked as an Answer because probably at that time this function wasn't yet devised by Salesforce, I'm adding the link for anyone coming to this question like I did today :-) ...

Assigning Licenses using the API

Also take a look at the Idea here Exposing License Management Objects to API and see the latest Comment from Product Management with some details.

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