I have used this code in one VF page

 <apex:column headerValue="updaterecord">     
      <apex:outputLink value="{!urlFor($Page.editpage_vf, null, [id = cs.ID])}">update</apex:outputLink>

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The question is still worded quiet ambiguously but it appears that you're trying do the similar thing as described here

Essentially, you want to pass the parameter (in this case, record id) between your pages. You can use the rerender attribute and hidden page block component as shown below

<apex:page standardController="Contact" extensions="CommandButtonParamController">  
    <apex:form >

        <apex:commandButton value="Process Nickname" action="{!processButtonClick}" rerender="hiddenBlock">
            <apex:param name="nickName"

        <apex:pageBlock id="hiddenBlock" rendered="false"></apex:pageBlock>


See this blog post for full details on this known issue and the workaround.


There are some Global Variables that could be used on the visualforce page directly. One of them is helpful for you:


Use $CurrentPage.parameters.parameterName to reference page request parameters and values, where parameterName is the request parameter being referenced.

There is an example that provides exactly what you need: gets an ID parameter from the parameters collection:


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