I have this URL for my button on my custom object "Parts"

{!API.Partner_Server_URL_290} &id={!Parts__c.Id}

when I click the button on the parts list view, I get the error that the id parameter is missing. What am I doing wrong?


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    is the ID in the url when you click the button? If not try removing the space before the &id= – Eric Jul 1 '16 at 17:14

Conga Composer URLs are notoriously sensitive to copy paste errors where you inadvertently do things like this formatting structure:


in order to make the buttons readable in the SFDC point-and-click UI.

If you copy and paste from a detail page of a custom button, the copy paste operation will insert a non-visible space at the end of every line.

I always clicked Edit on a composer button and then did the copy before pasting into a second button's Edit window. This avoids the inadvertent trailing space.

Should you need a real space in the URL, use the + character to represent a space. For example, &DV0=foo+bar to assign the DV0 parameter to foo bar.

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