I have a task to call a secured web service from a SFMC Microsite. I understand this can be achieved by -

  1. Importing the Private Certificate on SFMC (Admin -> Data Management -> Key Management), but when I try that the screen blanks out. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong there or is it just a temporary UI issue.
  2. Use SSJS Post Method to make the call. How do I pass security details like username/password and that it has to use an imported certificate to make the call.

Adding information - We are trying to call a secure external web service. We have been provided a certificate and a keystore to call the web service. I am trying to figure out where can we store the certificate on SFMC and how do we pass on the security details in SOAP Header while making the call via SSJS.


  • Please update your question with details about the secured web service you mentioned. What is required to connect? Jul 1, 2016 at 13:27

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Your scenario doesn't sound like a use-case for SFMC's Key Management, which is primarily for encrypting data, FTP access with a key or single sign-on for your for your accessing your SFMC account.

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