Have had this issue a few times and not sure what's going on.

Using the Data Import Wizard fields just won't update. Most recently, wanted to update a custom field on Account. Uploaded a csv with Account ID and the field to update (numeric, custom field; pretty standard). Everything mapped. Uploaded with no error, yet the values for the field just did not change/update.

Have searched the forums, but still no clue what could be causing this as I can't find anyone else who's reporting this problem.

Used dataloader.io and it updated the field just fine, so no huge issue, just bugging me what could possibly be causing this.

  • Could be hitting a validation rule out asked error not causing it to commit the change. Try using the debug log. Commented Jul 1, 2016 at 1:11

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Whenever you update your account make sure to click the box update existing account information and that should do the trick!

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