Is there any way we can get report type id, either through query or anyother way. We would like to change report type to another one. Any suggestions are welcome


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The only way to retrieve reportType is through Metadata API, which is described here

If you would like to update the current report with new reportType, you have to use Metadata API as well, described here

If you would like to do it within the Salesforce platform, you can use Apex Wrapper for the Salesforce Metadata API, which is available here on GitHub.

  • Thanks Adrain, i was trying with apporach where i have fetched all metadata through force.com ide..now i am confused with the nomenclature used by salesforce for example for old report type in metadata name is :<reportType>OpportunityCustomEntity$Plan__c</reportType>...While in salesforce we have Opportunities_with_Plans... Commented Jul 1, 2016 at 15:41
  • How would it map to our new reportype name whose salsforce name is Opportunities_with_Plans_Custom Commented Jul 1, 2016 at 15:42

You cannot retreive report type from Soql query.Here is the idea exchange Link @David Mycka

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