Hi I just migrated my portal to communities. And I've added extra functionalities such as self registration and my profile page. I'm wondering if its possible to add a salesforce chatter onto a visualforce page. the type of chatter that we have inside of our salesforce,
This is what I found online, I'm wondering if i would have to use those tags.

<chatter:feed>: Displays the Chatter feed for a record.
<chatter:feedWithFollowers>: An integrated UI component that displays the Chatter feed for a record, its list of followers, and optionally, a header bar that allows users to show or hide the Chatter feed and subscribe to it.
<chatter:follow>: Renders a button for a user to follow or unfollow a Chatter record.
<chatter:followers>: Displays the list of Chatter followers for a record.

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Yes, these are Chatter Components for Visualforce. The simplest example to try out would be to create a page like this

<apex:page >
  <chatter:feed entityId="{!$User.Id}"/>

This will display the Chatter feed for the currently logged in user. The entityID here can be the ID of a standard object, custom object, user etc.

You can read more each of these components here. Obviously, you can write your own Apex controllers and do a lot of custom Chatter functionality as well. One such example is listed here.


Yes, adding these components to your visual force page will make it appear almost identical to the chatter feed you are used to seeing in Salesforce. I have never done it on a community page myself, but I am sure it will work. The only thing I am aware of that this does not work for is Force.com sites.

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