Quote expiration date is auto set to today() + 45 days. I want to add one more workflow rule to check for quote expiration date and if expired change the quote status to 'Expired' and Opportunity Status to 'Closed Lost'.

What should be the criteria and action i should add on workflow? Or is there any other way to build this requirement.

  • You have to use time-dependant actions on WF – o-lexi Jun 30 '16 at 16:09

You will want to create a workflow that only fires on the creation of the Quote. And set the criteria to Status != 'Expired' and Opportunity Status != 'Closed Lost'.

Then set a time trigger to trigger 46 days after the Rule Trigger Date. And then add a record update action to the time trigger to update those to fields to the correct values.

If either of those fields get changed to those values within that 46 day period this workflow will fall off and the actions will not be performed.

Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

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