I was very excited to learn about the new getPopulatedFieldsAsMap() method added to the SObject class with Summer '16. Unfortunately upon testing I found what appears to be a bug based on my understanding. The method is intended to allow developers to easily obtain fields populated in memory. According to the docs:

A field is populated in memory in the following cases.

  • The field has been queried by a SOQL statement.

  • The field has been explicitly set before the call to the getPopulatedFieldsAsMap() method.

In practice, I've found that if a field is not included in a SOQL query when retrieving an existing record it will be excluded from the field map returned by the new method, even if it was explicitly set before the call:

Contact c = [SELECT Name FROM Contact LIMIT 1];
c.Title = 'President';
Map<String,Object> fieldsMap = c.getPopulatedFieldsAsMap();
// DEBUG|{Id=003XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Name=Jack Rogers}
// Note: Title field is not returned

However, a field explicitly set before the call is included in the case of a new SObject instance:

Contact c = new Contact();
c.Title = 'President';
Map<String,Object> fieldsMap = c.getPopulatedFieldsAsMap();
// DEBUG|{Title=President}

Here is a gist that can be run in the dev console to see first hand what I'm experiencing. AFAICT this seems like a bug, but I'm curious to hear if others see it as expected behavior.

@AndyFawcett has kindly opened a case with Salesforce developer support-I will update this post with their response once we know more.


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The apex dev team saw Andy's case and the resulting discussion and logged bug W-3223800 for this. The behavior you're seeing is a bug.

The fix is scheduled for Spring 17, although safeharbor as always. Also, I've been informed it will be a versioned change, so be sure to update the API version of your apex classes to v39.0 or later.

Maps of Populated SObject Fields Return Correct Values

  • I still got issue now with version API -46 .
    – unidha
    Jul 18, 2019 at 7:32

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