I have a DE which can have multiple entries of a contact, based on the type of webinars he attends.The primary key for the DE is combination of email address and webinar name. Also i want to use the DE as a root. In data designer if i connect the contact key to the email address of my DE, only one entry of any contacts(one email address) will enter my journey. How can i configure the data designer so that i can have all the entries of the same contact with same email address enter my journey. Is there a way to link contact key to a combination of fields in DE.

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  • So how do you envision utilizing a 1:n relationship in your journey? Jun 29 '16 at 13:12

According to the documentation, Root data sources should be 1:1 with Contacts:

A root relationship represents a one-to-one relationship between a contact record and a data extension that acts as a source for contact information. A root relationship can only take place between the contact record and a single data extension. That contact record relates via the contact key or contact ID to the data extension. The data extension used as part of the root relationship can contain only one row per individual contact. Each row in a root relationship represents a contact, and you cannot link to multiple rows for a single contact in a root relationship.

If you'd like to leverage the 1:n relationship in your journey, perhaps you can build a WebinarAttendees DE that is 1:1 with Contact Key. Then you can link your WebinarDEFinal to that DE.

  • Thanks for the reply Adam, appreciate your help. I have a small question based on your above comment. You mentioned 'Then you can link your WebinarDEFinal to that DE' unable to figure out how can we link the two data extension (WebibarAttendees and WebinarFinal). Could ypu plz specify the steps. TIA. Jun 30 '16 at 5:52
  • You define the relationships in Contact Builder. Jul 12 '16 at 13:51

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