I have one apex class somehow i need to populate a link. That link should be open records detail page.

This is what i've given in Email Templete. Whenever i send a mail through this Templete i can see a link in email that is opening Record's page. Same like i need it in Apex class.

Please review the FCPA changes for {!Question_Answer__c.Account__c}. {!Question_Answer__c.Link}

enter image description here

This mail is generated by email template. Same like i need it through That class


you can do this easily in Apex. create Pagereference method

public pagereference redirectUser()
    return new pagereference('/'+recid);

and call this method and it will redirect to record detail page. You can do something like

String Recordlink = URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl().toExternalForm()+'/'+RecordId;

and this a same link which you are getting in email. You can display it on VF page or pass it to any other method.


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