I am inserting records using excel file on VF page. So based on the values I want to map the product names while inserting.

I am trying the below code it is inserting all (I want to insert record if the ap or wc code matches only) and at the same time when i am mapping product name it is taking null value.

Here is my part of the code :

    List<custom_Object__c > CBList =[select Name,Product.Id,Product.Name,WcCode__c,ApCode__c from custom_Object__c Where (ApCode__c IN:PAp) OR (WcCode__c IN:PWc)];
    System.debug('CB List ::' + CBList);

     for(custom_Object__c co : CBList){

     for (Integer i=1;i<filelines.size();i++){
                    String[] inputvalues = new String[]{};

                     for(custom_Object__c cobRec : CBList){               
                    VFProd__c VF = new VFProd__c();
                    VF.TranNum__c = inputvalues[0];
                    VF.VF_ApCode__c = inputvalues[1] ; 
                    VF.VF_WcCode__c = inputvalues[2]; 
                    VF.Name = apMap.get(cobRec.Product.Name); 


                    VF.Name = wcMap.get(cobRec.Product.Name);



                Insert VFupload; 

You are creating the map like this


Later you are extracting as below:

  VF.Name = apMap.get(cobRec.Product.Name); 

Thats why it is giving null. You should use like this:

 VF.Name = apMap.get(inputvalues[1]); 
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