I am trying to query all modified records from one custom Object and sending one email with all modified records. Where i getting error with trigger handler


You have written onAfterUpdate_updatedAnswers(Map<Id, Question_Answer__c> lNewQAs, Map<Id, Question_Answer__c> mOldQAs)to take two maps, and you're calling it with a list and a map: CSQuestionAnswerTriggerActions.onAfterUpdate_updatedAnswers(lNewQAs, mOldQAs);

A quick fix is to change that second line it be:

CSQuestionAnswerTriggerActions.onAfterUpdate_updatedAnswers(new Map<Id, Question_Answer__c>(lNewQAs), mOldQAs);
  • Hi, @Aidan Why this code is not executing, i am not receiving email.
    – user24737
    Jun 28 '16 at 14:16

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