I am trying to select the appropriate email template using javascript on a custom button. Here is a stripped down version of my code:

var template; 
var type = "{!My_Custom_Object__c.My_Field__c}"; 
if(type == "Quick") { 
template = "00XV0000000DlRB"; 

If I replace the end of the last line with template_id=00XV0000000DlRB, it works; but if I use the variable template, it says template_id contains a character that is not allowed. Any ideas? Thanks.


template is a varible, so you should concatenate it to literal string by using "+".


Try this:

var template='';
if("{!My_Custom_Object__c.My_Field__c}" == "Quick") { 
   template = "&template_id=00XV0000000DlRB"; 
  • Thanks. I'm confused by the "'" before the plus. Is that syntax correct? – JimH Jun 17 '13 at 19:04
  • the quotes were justo to highlight the symbol. you only have to concatenate doing: "your-url"+valiable – Martin Borthiry Jun 17 '13 at 19:08

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