I've got an older Web Tab that iframes an external web application into Salesforce. It uses the full page width configuration and a fixed defined height.

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I'm now looking to switch this to being a canvas app in a Visualforce page. E.g.

<apex:page >
  <apex:CanvasApp developerName="TestPrintSF" maxHeight="infinite" maxWidth="infinite"/>

How can I define the canvas app so that it expands and contracts to follow the full page width like a Web Tab did when a user resizes the browser window?

With a Web Tab you would get an iframe something like:

<iframe frameborder="0" height="3000px" id="itarget" name="itarget" scrolling="auto" src="urlWithSessionIdAndServerUrl" title="Content" width="100%"></iframe>

Note the Width="100%" on the iframe that allows it to follow changes in browser size.

It appears I can call Sfdc.canvas.client.resize(sr.client, {width : '100%'});, but I can't then use Sfdc.canvas.client.autogrow(sr.client);

Maybe I need to make my own version of autogrow() in canvas-all.js? It could keep the width at 100% while allowing the height to follow changes in the content.


I did go with a custom version of canvas-all.js.

Specifically I modified the resize function that is within the frame function. Immediately before the postit call on line 1022 I added the following:

if (!$$.isNil(s.height) || !$$.isNil(s.width)) {
    // Fix iframe at 100% width and only scale the height.
    s.width = "100%";
    // Prevent infinite height loop when content dynamically resizes to available height
    if (Math.abs(sh - ch) <= 10) {
        s.height = Math.max(sh, ch) + "px";
    postit(null, { type: "resize", config: { client: client }, size: s })

I then explicitly call the resize function before setting autogrow in the iframed app.

// sr is the parsed signed request JSON.
Sfdc.canvas.client.resize(sr.client, {width : '100%', height : '400px'});

In testing this has allowed the app to initially size itself to the content at fill width. And then subsequently resize/autogrow if the window is adjusted.

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