The Tooling API brings a new object with it, that allows me to create Apex Logs programmatically. It's called TraceFlag. I tried to implement it in my na15 org (28.0) but i get a

No access to entity: TraceFlag


I just use Developer's Guide code:

    TraceFlag traceFlag = new TraceFlag();
    traceFlag.ApexCode = 'Finest' ;
    traceFlag.ApexProfiling = 'Finest' ;
    traceFlag.Callout = 'Info' ;
    traceFlag.Database = 'Finest' ;
    traceFlag.System = 'Debug' ;
    traceFlag.Validation = 'Info' ;
    traceFlag.Visualforce = 'Info' ;
    traceFlag.Workflow = 'Info' ;
    //set an expiration date
    traceFlag.ExpirationDate = myTimestamp;
    //set the ID of the user to monitor 
    traceFlag.TracedEntityId = runAs.Id ;
    //call the create method 
    TraceFlag[] traceFlags =new TraceFlag[] {traceFlag};
    SaveResult[] traceResults = sforce.create(traceFlags);
    for ( int i = 0; i < traceResults.Length; i++)
        if (traceResults[i].success) {
           System.debug( 'Successfully created trace flag: ' + traceResults[i].id);
        else {
            System.debug( 'Error: could not create trace flag ' );
            System.debug( ' The error reported was: ' +
                            traceResults[i].errors[0].message + '\n' );

Do I need to create it via REST API?

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Please remember that the Tooling API is meant to be called from outside Salesforce.com. The examples in the Summer '13 docs look like Apex but as far as I know this is a JAVA exampple.

If you want to use features of the Tooling API from inside Apex you first need to learn how to call this API from APEX.

Maybe those questions / web articles help in doing that:

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    but look what I found on StackExchange: "The naming of the ToolingAPI is a little confusing. It's really just a new set of components (sObjects for the most part) that are layered on top of the standard REST or SOAP APIs."[@Ralph] (And it's not even possible to declarate a null TraceFlag object)
    – Basti
    Jun 17, 2013 at 15:12

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