According to the documentation you should be able to set the data type of a variable using a kind parameter:

  • N - number
  • C - currency
  • D - date

For example:

{{example [kind=N]}}


{{example [k=N]}}

However, we can't get this to work.

In our JSON object we have an order summary object:

   "Order Summary":{  
      "Order Sub Total":120.00,
      "Total Loyalty Discount":12.00,
      "Total Coupon Amount":5.00,
      "Total Shipping Amount":0.00,
      "Total Order Amount":130.00,
      "Total Tax Amount":1.30

If I include the tag {{[Order Sub Total]}} it's rendered as 120.

I have tried using:

{{[Order Sub Total] [k=C]}}


{{[Order Sub Total] [kind=C]}}

But the decimal places are not displayed.

I've also tried [k=N] but that doesn't work either.

We've managed to work around this issue by using GTL in combination with AMPscript:

{{.datasource totals type=nested}}
    {"target":"order.[Order Summary]"}
SET @sub = FormatNumber(TreatAsContent('{{[Order Sub Total]}}'), "C2", "en-AU")
SET @lld = FormatNumber(TreatAsContent('{{[Total Loyalty Discount]}}'), "C2", "en-AU")
SET @coup = FormatNumber(TreatAsContent('{{[Total Coupon Amount]}}'), "C2", "en-AU")
SET @sr = FormatNumber(TreatAsContent('{{[Total Shipping Amount]}}'), "C2", "en-AU")
SET @tot = FormatNumber(TreatAsContent('{{[Total Order Amount]}}'), "C2", "en-AU")
SET @ta = FormatNumber(TreatAsContent('{{[Total Tax Amount]}}'), "C2", "en-AU")

We then display the AMPscript variable in the email. This works, but I'm keen to find out if the variable data type feature is broken or whether my syntax is incorrect.

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I've received a response from Salesforce (actually the GTL engineering team) who acknowledge that GTL data types are currently not functioning. This should be resolved in a future release. In the meantime, you need to use AMPscript (as per the workaround that I provided in my original question).

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