I have a junction object with two master detail relationships. One to contacts and one to a custom object named program. I created the following trigger to avoid duplicates but im having A LOT of trouble with the testing part. Can someone tell me what could the test code for this trigger be? Thank you

trigger insert_case on Affiliated_Programs__c (before insert, before update) {
  for (Affiliated_Programs__c ci : trigger.new) {

//Checks the database for all affiliated programs with the same program and contact
  List<Affiliated_Programs__c> resultList = [SELECT id, Name FROM Affiliated_Programs__c
  WHERE Contact__c = :ci.Contact__c
  AND Program__c = :ci.Program__c];

// Raise the error back if any records found
   if (!resultList.isEmpty()) {
      System.debug('Found another copy ' + resultList[0].id + ' name is ' + resultList[0].Name);
      ci.addError('Duplicate record, a Contact is already related to that program');

Notice that you could solve the junction unique avoiding apex code using this

Having say that, this is a trivial example of how could be your trigger test:

public class basicTests{

    @isTest static void runTests(){
        system.debug('starting tests...');

        A__c a = new A__c(Name='test-trigger-a');
        B__c b = new B__c(Name='test-trigger-b');

        C__c c = new C__c(Name='test-trigger-c',ChildOfB__c = b.id,ChildOfA__c = a.id);
        C__c c2 = new C__c(Name='test-trigger-c2',ChildOfB__c = b.id,ChildOfA__c = a.id);
            insert c;
            insert c2;
        }catch(System.DmlException e){



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  • Thank you martin for both suggestions. Both worked and I got a better understanding of trigger tests! – Ricardo Jun 14 '13 at 20:40

If by avoiding duplicates, you mean no two junction objects can have the same two parents, then you should try searching across the stack: How to apply uniqueness on Junction object?

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  • Because I was using an apex trigger and I wanted to learn how test methods work. Thank you for your contribution. – Ricardo Jun 14 '13 at 17:52

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