I have to backup all my Salesforce org customization . Is it possible to backup or create an image or both my Salesforce org customization with the reports and dashboards of the org.

Also , is it possible to do this on regular basis automatically.

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There are several ways to do it depending on your exact use cases including

1) Use 3rd party solutions such as Spanning, Datto, OwnBackup etc. Some of these offer scheduling so you can do it on a defined periodicity.

2) Built in Data Export feature. Follow this tutorial for more details.

3) You can individually export Reports data as well using the Export a Report feature


There are several factors you should consider when looking for a backup and recovery solution for Salesforce:

  1. It’s all about the recovery. The tool needs to have seamless recovery back to Salesforce, no matter what the data loss scenario. The tool should be able to restore any number of records, including all parent child relationships.

  2. It should also be able to restore field level changes on records that may have been accidentally or maliciously over-written. When in doubt, take it for a ride and test it out.

  3. Make sure that you will have access to your backup snapshot even if your Salesforce instance is down (On May 9, 2016 - the Salesforce instance NA14 was down for almost the entire day More details can be found in the link)

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