We are novice to VisualForce Page and Apex development. Trying to create a new VF page using sandbox org. Also in that, we need to use jquery ajax callout.

We are trying to implement SFDC Analytics API : Salesforce-analytics-api-demo-code

Any help on it would be much appreciated

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This tutorial from Pat Patterson (aka MetaDaddy, ex-Salesforce Developer Evangelist - Boy, do we miss him :() is a good starting point for how you can use Salesforce Analytics API on a VF page.

The key is to is to first fetch the reportId as shown below

// When the DOM is ready...
$(document).ready(function() {
    // Pass in the report ID like so:
    // https://c.prerelna1.visual.pre.force.com/apex/AnalyticsDemo?reportId=00Ox0000000fX7XEAU
    var reportId = '{!$CurrentPage.parameters.reportId}';

Initialise ForceTK (this is a wrapper for doing CRUD operations on Salesforce) as follows

if (reportId) {
    // Get an instance of the REST API client and set the session ID
    var client = new forcetk.Client();

    // We'll keep the report data around for the life of the page
    var report = null;

The report variable will hold your report data. Then call the Analytics API endpoint

client.ajax("/v29.0/analytics/reports/"+reportId+"?includeDetails=true", function(response){

This will give you the data returned from the Analytics API. You can then render it on VF page like any other data and in any format e.g. table view/ chart etc.. Refer to the provided link for more details.

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