Simply stated: Is there a way to extract all e-mail addresses a user initiated e-mail was sent to over a given period of time?

I know with Data Extracts something like this would be possible, but that requires either a JobID for a tracking extract (which is different for each send, so this wouldn't be feasible) or a data extension extract, which only exports the current target data extension.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Email Message

Usage : This object stores email sent from your company.

You can query on EmailMessage object to check EmailMessages sent from Organization.

SELECT ActivityId,BccAddress,CcAddress,CreatedById,CreatedDate,FromAddress,FromName,HasAttachment,Headers,HtmlBody,Id,Incoming,IsDeleted,IsExternallyVisible,LastModifiedById,LastModifiedDate,MessageDate,ParentId,ReplyToEmailMessageId,Status,Subject,SystemModstamp,TextBody,ToAddress FROM EmailMessage

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