I have a EndDate field in my visualforce page. when user enter any date.it's taking the previous date.Suppose if my user enter day after tomorrow date it will take tomorrow date i have to validate that user must enter the date is not more than 24hours from current date and time how i can check

Endtime = DateTime.newInstance(enddate, Time.newInstance(timeHH, timeMM, 0, 0));

   DateTime d = System.now();

   System.debug('*******Endtime:' +Endtime);
   Apexpages.addMessage(new ApexPages.Message(ApexPages.Severity.ERROR,'Notenterlessthanvalue'));

my code is working here i have to check if the user enter time is less than 24hours in past then i have to save the record.

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You can use the Date.daysBetween(secondDate):

  • daysBetween(secondDate)
    Returns the number of days between the Date that called the method and the specified date.

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