Is there any way we can delete Latest Version from ContentDocument?

I have tried deleting ContentVersion, but DML Operation Delete is not allowed on it.

I have tried deleting ContentDocument, but it deletes ALL versions and the document itself.

  • May I know how did you deleted your ContentVersion/ContentDocument, It will be helpful if you provide me some doc/code. ( I want to delete my Chatter Attached file from one of my VF page) – Salesforce Steps Jun 10 '15 at 5:59

Yes, all the version will be deleted, check the doc here, ContentDocument

'When you delete a document, all versions of that document are deleted, including ratings, comments, and tags.'

Yeah, there is no standard way to do this. But you can copy the latest version to a new file, and delete all the old version, like this,

ContentVersion oldCV = [Select Id, VersionData, PathOnClient, ContentUrl, Title, PublishStatus, Origin from ContentVersion Order By CreatedDate Desc Limit 1];

ContentVersion newCV = new ContentVersion();
newCV.Title = oldCV.Title;
newCV.PathOnClient = oldCV.PathOnClient;
newCV.ContentUrl = oldCV.ContentUrl;
newCV.VersionData = oldCV.VersionData;
newCV.Origin = 'H';
insert newCV;
  • so there is no way I can delete only the Latest version and restore previous version? – VarunC Jun 15 '13 at 8:51

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