I am trying to enable Revenue Schedules for only certain products in my organization. I have enabled Revenue Schedules from the Product Schedules Settings. I did not check to enable Schedules on all products so how do I control which products it can go on?

Currently, it throws the error: "Scheduling is not enabled for this type" when I am trying to set the default schedule.

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When all else fails, RTFM or "Google is your Best Friend". See Add and Edit Product Schedules in Salesforce Help:

  1. Review considerations and examples.

  2. Enable the appropriate schedule types.

  3. Select a product from the Products home page.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Select the type of schedule to create: quantity, revenue, or both. Your choices are limited by your Salesforce org’s schedule settings and the schedule types that are enabled for the product.

  6. Set the schedule details. See Schedule Fields for descriptions.

  7. Save your changes.

  8. To establish a schedule on an opportunity product, see Establish Schedules for Products on Opportunities.

  9. To edit a product schedule, click Edit on the product detail page.

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