As shown in the below picture, Opportunity - 'Ethan Hunter' has two campaigns under campaign influence related list. In that Chat Campaign is marked as Primary Campaign Source. I would like to have the other campaign - IBTUF checked as Primary Campaign Source too.

enter image description here

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This is currently not doable but the good news is that a feature to manipulate Campaign Influence looks imminent. See (and vote up) Idea Make 'Campaign Influence' accessible via API / Apex / Visualforce

We're looking at a pilot for this feature (safe harbor - Summer '16 or Winter '17). Please contact me if you might be interested in the pilot or providing your requirements for this feature ([email protected])

I see no mention of this though in the Summer 16 release notes.


Its in the documentation that only one campaign can be primary for an Opportunity. See Adding Influential Campaigns to Opportunities.

Though multiple campaigns can be influential, you can designate only one campaign as the primary campaign source on the opportunity.

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