I have set up a Data Extension that contains my custom data for Accounts, with a field 'ContactID' that is set as a primary key and mapped to SubscriberKey. I have then created a Journey Builder Event that maps to this DataExtension.

When the Account data changes on the back-end I do a POST /events API call to Marketing Cloud. e.g.

ContactKey=’[email protected]’, body={"ContactId": "[email protected]", "AccountStatus": "account_pending"}

The first time this works fine, but the second time I post an event on the same Account e.g.

ContactKey=’[email protected]’, body={"ContactId": "[email protected]", "AccountStatus": "account_ready"}

I get the error:

"The event data contains duplicate value for an existing primary key"

How can I work around this error to get a second event triggered on the same Account?

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The solution we came up with was simply to remove the primary key constraint. This doesnt seem to cause any adverse effects.

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