I have a lead process "Sales Manager". Now, i have list of picklist values "New","Process","Waiting","Finished". While configuring the picklist values, their are default values atleast one value need to select. With out selecting the default values it is showing error like "At least one converted status must be selected" .

If i select one of the converted status("Qualified") then it is saving. When i open the lead, status field is showing this converted status value.

Is their any option to hide the picklist value("Qualified")? .

Thanks in advance

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What's happening here is that if you edit your picklist, and click on Qualified, you'll discover that the box for converted is checked for it. You can uncheck that option if you want. You could create two recordTypes, one for leads that are open and haven't been converted and another for closed leads. That might be the easiest option. In that way, when you do convert a lead, you could automatically set it to Closed-Converted when the recordtype is changed (or Closed - Not Converted if applicable). In that way, a lead is only set to converted when it's actually converted, not when someone manually checks a box.

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