Can anyone tell me why actionFunctions are not as fast as RemoteActions in Vf pages?


In the thread @sfdcfox have provided several good points.Posting some of them which are related to your answer:

  1. @RemoteAction methods require less bandwidth, and server processing time, because only the data you submit is visible and the view state is not transferred, while apex:actionFunction has to transfer the page view state.
  2. There is almost always "one right answer" for which method should be used in a given situation. An auto-complete-as-you-type feature would benefit from @RemoteAction, because less data is used, and so it is faster and more responsive; we don't need to modify the view state, so this is a major bonus for the user. Updating the page's view state to show new Visualforce elements, in contrast, would best be served with apex:actionFunction; using a @RemoteAction would force the developer to manage the DOM themselves, which can be more burdensome.

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