Is there a way to trigger an email using a landing page?

The only way to see the changes to an email that is part of a Trigger Send is by publishing the changes. But I would like to use a landing page to that a QA person can verify before going live.

What's the easiest way to do so? Via a rest call or using ampscript and landing pages?

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You can do a Send Preview on the Email Definition itself without republishing the Triggered Send Definition.

You can also set up a User-Initiated Send Definition that references the Email Definition and send to a seed audience without republishing the Triggered Send Definition.

Some terminology:

  • Template - an email with pre-defined content area placeholders to be populated in the Email Definition
  • Email Definition - the email in it's most basic form (raw HTML or based on a Template)
  • Triggered Send Definition - the email waiting to be sent to an audience supplied in an API call
  • User-Initiated Send Definition - an email plus a predefined audience (List, Filter or Sendable Data Extension)
  • I have so many clients that only want a copy of the latest emails, they don't need access to ET and I don't want to go each time to create a Send Preview. It is time consuming. The User-Initiated Definition may end up being the same as Trigger send since it has to be manually trigger. I would like to create a landing page where the user selects the email they want to preview, then input their email address and finally get a copy.
    – user5105
    Jun 14, 2016 at 20:33
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