I'm trying to use the API docs for SalesforceIQ (here: https://api.salesforceiq.com/#/python) to retrieve all of my Contact objects. As is, I'm only getting the first 200. I'm doing this:

def get_all_contacts():
    contacts = Contact().fetchPage()
    return contacts

I want to get ALL of the Contact objects, though. How would I go about this?


To add to Adrian's answer, you need to run a loop until you there're no more records left to be retrieved in batches of 200. Something along these lines (check the exact syntax based on Python version/ framework you use)

def get_all_contacts():
    startIndex = 0
    limit = 200
    allContacts = Contact().fetchPage(startIndex,limit)
    moreContacts = allContacts
    while moreContacts is not None
        startIndex + = limit
        moreContacts = Contact().fetchPage(startIndex,limit)
    return allContacts
  • Should it be moreContacts += Contact().fetchPage(startIndex, limit) – bclayman Jun 9 '16 at 15:41
  • Yes, you can do that as well! – Gaurav Kheterpal Jun 9 '16 at 20:51

From the documentation you link, the optional _limit parameter has a maximum value of 200 when getting all records from a list.

Get All List Items

An optional page size for the returned result (defaults to 50, max size is 200).

  • Thanks for the reply. How would you recommend I go about getting all Contact objects then? Is there a way to get the "2nd" batch of 200? Thanks for the help! – bclayman Jun 7 '16 at 20:47

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