I am very new to visual flows. I want to create a visual flow to assign for a login flow. The flow does not need any user interaction components. The flow should direct to a specific URL depending on a Boolean value on user object. I need a two visual flows : each directs to different URL depending on the TRUE or False value on the Boolean field. Thanks in advance for any help

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You can set the finish location in the flow itself if you cannot use different profiles to determine which finish location to use.

From the Developer Documentation on login flows

There are also the following output attributes that can be set in the flow itself: LoginFlow_FinishLocation - String type. Setting this variable will determine where to send the user when the flow completes.

LoginFlow_ForceLogout - Boolean type. Setting this variable to true immediately logs the user out.

So you should just be able to use a Decision within the flow based on the field to set the LoginFlow_FinishLocation.

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