This is really strange. I uploaded a new version of my packaged app. Everything compiled and the tests run green.

But when parts of my code are executed by the customer they receive error like this one:

Previous load of class failed: XYZ_TriggerHandler: line 6, column 29: Invalid type: InsertDeliverySchedulesOnVolumeLinking

and indeed in the customer org the class show

NMESPACE.InsertDeliverySchedulesOnVolumeLinking does not compile.

Could it be that a 38 character long class PLUS the additional Namespace can lead to a too long class name?

  • Is XYZ_TriggerHandler the customers trigger that references your managed package apex class? Just a guess, but maybe the referenced package version is incorrect. – Daniel Ballinger Jun 7 '13 at 1:42
  • No this is also an internal managed class. – Robert Sösemann Jun 7 '13 at 5:41

Did you tried running test class for "XYZ_TriggerHandler" and "InsertDeliverySchedulesOnVolumeLinking". It could help you to some extend.


It was not connected to the length of my classes. I reinstalled it using an unchanged patch and then everything rolled. So the next question is:

Can the installation of an managed app be corrupted by a running batch or heavy user load?

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