When I click on "Open as Lens" in a dashboard, the Lens opens up in a bar chart. Is there anyway to display it as raw data table, rather than the default bar chart?

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There's a new Expert Editor mode in Spring 16 release which should let you see all the JSON data.

You need to follow these steps

1) To access Expert Editor Mode, open the lens or dashboard you want to edit, and press CTRL+E for PCs or CMD+E for Macs.

2) If the Reload JSON button is available, click it to load the current running lens or dashboard.

3) Reload JSON loads the code of the currently running lens or dashboard. This button is available whenever the JSON in the editor doesn’t match the running JSON, which can happen when you first open the editor.

4) Modify the JSON in the editor. You can use standard keyboard shortcuts for editing functions and search.

5) To go back to the explorer and see how edits to the JSON appear in the lens or dashboard, click Switch to Runtime.


create a lense for raw data table first. then in the dashboard use the values table option and drag the raw data table into it. this will help

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