This question related to an earlier question I posted (Case Auto Response From Case Created By Controller Class: How To Debug) but is of a different flavour.

In my previous question I queried how I can initiate an auto response email from a case created via code. I now what to clarify, in relation to the Auto Response can I send it to the associated Person Account instead of Contact. I do not have the contact field populated but will have an associated Person Account

I know I can send an Email Alert via a Workflow Rule by using an Email field which I populate via a field update to get the email address of the associated Person Account but I would like to use the standard Case Auto Response functionality if at all possible for this scenario as 1) it attached the email activity against the case, and 2) allows a reply to the email to be associated to the case.

I note on the following link it details sending an auto response to an account and the person who submitted a Web To Lead case. I'm not using Web-To-Lead as it did not meet all out leads. When it states "Person" who submitted a lead, could this refer to a person account?


Any help on this would be appreciated.


SFDC have confirmed in a case that this cannot be done.

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