I created one new lead custom field of phone data type. while i am trying to map to other object fields(consider any object, whether it could be account/contact/opportunity), it is not giving option to select [showing None Available]. For more understanding of my query, please see the pic which i uploaded.enter image description here

can any one please give me solution.

Thanking you KS Kumar

  • This mapping is being done where? – sfdcFanBoy Jun 2 '16 at 6:14
  • Your existing Phone data type fields on Account and Contact already mapped with existing lead fields under the standard Lead mapping. Try creating a custom field on Account on phone type and see if it comes up. – RajeshShah Jun 2 '16 at 6:17
  • Hi @sfdcFanBoy, sorry sfdcFanBoy i can't understand what your trying to ask. – KS Kumaar Jun 2 '16 at 6:18

You need to create Custom field of Phone Type on the Object(Account/Contact/Opportunity). Please see attached

enter image description here

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