When using Journey Builder I would like to split the path based on a specific link click in an email. In the Engagement Split decision window there is a drop down to select an email and either open or click. I don't see an option to select a specific link within the email.

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Good question. According to SFMC, you can't do this with a simple Engagement Split.

You can, however, write a Query Activity that references _Click System Data View to populate a Data Extension of specific link clicks.


Salesforce released an update to the Engagement split activity based on click activity of a specific url in email.

The engagement split activity sends contacts down a Yes or No path based on whether the contact opens an email, clicks a link in the email, or the email bounces. When a click, open, or bounce occurs, the contact who took that action proceeds down the Yes path

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Here is the documentation


@victorcorey i implemented the exact scenario last week using Query activity that references _Click system data view. Kindly refer to the following link for details

Creating link based decision splits

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