I have installed a lightning component from a managed package, in which an application event is being fired on the click of an button. Now I want to handle that event in my another component which I am working on.

my name space is om_ltng . My event name is showResultEvent

<aura:event type="APPLICATION"   >
  <aura:attribute name="search_value" type="String"/>
  <aura:attribute name="search_name" type="String"/>

This event is defined in the managed package. So in my method I am handling it like this.

  <aura:handler event="om_ltng:showResultEvent" action="{!c.getValueFromApplicationEvent}"/>

but it is showing error something like this Failed to save undefined: No EVENT named showResultEvent found: Source. Thoughts plz.


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Are you registering your application event using this syntax?

 <aura:registerEvent type="om_ltng:showResultEvent"...

It can be found in the docs here

  • Thanks for your answer. But I found the fix for my problem. I was missing access="global" in the declaration and in the registration of event.
    – OzAs
    Jun 3, 2016 at 5:16

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