Iam newbie to salesforce. Iam trying to write formula field for below filter:

Filtered By: not (1 or (2 AND 3 AND 4))
1. Price greater than "25,000"
2. SF greater than 20
3. PF Number not equal to 1
4. PF Number not equal to 100

How can i write SOQL query to get the above filtered records.

Iam getting stuck when writing formula/SOQL with this filter. Can any one help me.

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See Condition Expression Syntax (WHERE Clause).

So (depending on the exact API names and data types of the fields) the where clause would be something close to:

select ...
from ...
where not (
    Price__c > 25000
    (Sf__c > 20 and PfNumber__c != 1 and PfNumber != 100)

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