I have configured Journey Builder interaction named "Opportunity Interaction" which gets triggered on Opportunity creation in sales cloud. The salesforce data entry event injects Person Account and Opportunity Data into Journey. My requirement is Journey should send email to email id of Person Account records.

Earlier I was able to inject REAL TIME newly created Person Account into Journey with valid email and MC records the Contact source as "API". Hence, even these contacts not already in the MC, Journey interaction was able to send email to them.

However, currently Journey Builder sends email only to those contacts which are already exists in MC, and no more sending emails to newly created Accounts. Even if I go to check "Send Preview" of any email, and selects data extension(created by salesforce data entry event) the newly created record gets displayed as "Invalid Recipient" under Email Address column.

Could anyone please help me out to resolve this.


Your sendable Data Extension needs to be a root data source in Contact Builder.

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  • Yes, I already tried these options, but no luck :( 1. Linked DE(created by salesforce data entry event) directly to contact as 1:1 and marked Root. 2. We have one main root DE to store all customer records and already linked with contact as 1:1, to which linked DE(Created by salesforce DE event) as 1:Many. – Minhaj Shaikh May 31 '16 at 3:18

You need to go to your journey's settings page and change the default channel addresses. Here you can select the injected account's email address field from event data as primary email to use.

With this setting you can also send to subscribers not already synced from your sales/service cloud.


In above case, you either need to establish a filter activity in the journey so it will update the data extension and include the newly created contact in MC or you can use the Audience instead of contact which evaluate the contact and if the record is not available in MC then it creates a new record and move it further to the Journey.

Journey Builder always evaluate the contact record in all subscriber list in MC or in Population part, if the contact is not available in that it will not allow those contact to move further in the Journey.

To overcome this drawback, Audience Builder is the new feature which creates a new contact if it is not available in MC.

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