I have a pick list field in opportunity object name “Opportunity status”. There are two values in this field Hold and Un-Hold. I want, when I do select hold another field name "Hold duration" start counting days. As soon as I un-hold the status it should stop to count days. So we can get to know for how many days this opportunity was on hold. Please help and advice how I can achieve this. I don’t want to add it in standard stage pick list.

  • Are you expecting the time to be dynamically populated even before the status is changed to Un-Hold? Ex: Now, it is changed to Hold. After 2 days, still is in Hold, do you expect the Hold duration to show 2 days? or Hold Duration to be populated only after it is changed to Un-Hold? – sfdcFanBoy May 30 '16 at 2:37

You actually want two Date fields if you don't want to keep counting once you un-hold.

  1. Create a Datetime field called Hold Start. Populate it with a workflow rule.
    Criteria: AND(ISCHANGED(Status__c), Status__c = "Hold")
    Value: NOW()
  2. Create a Datetime field called Hold End. Populate it with a workflow rule.
    Criteria: AND(ISCHANGED(Status__c), Status__c = "Un-hold")
    Value: NOW()
  3. Create a formula field called Hold Duration of type Number.
    Value: IF(Status__c = "Un-hold", TODAY - DATEVALUE(Hold_Start__c), DATEVALUE(Hold_End__c) - DATEVALUE(Hold_Start__c))

I recommend Datetime because you get more precision, but you could certainly use Date fields instead and remove the formula's calls to DATEVALUE.

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Create date field on Opportunity which will store the date when Opportunity status field value is updated to "Hold". Write a workflow which will update this field to current date/time when Opportunity becomes hold. Create a formula field to count the difference between the new date field and today. The difference will give you the number of days the Opportunity was idle.

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