I'm trying to login using the Bulk API with the Python interface salesforce-bulk by:

bulk = salesforce_bulk.SalesforceBulk(username=userName, password=p)

This gives an error

AssertionError: Couldn't find location.href expression in page https://eu4.salesforce.com/_ui/identity/verification/method/EmailVerificationFinishUi/e?...
...(Username or password is wrong)

and sends me the email "Verify your identity in Salesforce":

You recently logged in to Salesforce from a device we don't recognize.

Browser: Unknown
Operating System: Unknown
To ensure your account's security, we need to verify your identity. Enter the following code where prompted by Salesforce.

Verification Code: xx

Obviously that doesn't work as I'm not using a browser. How to get along with this? Should the email verification be turned off in Salesforce or is there another workaround?

  • try to add security token with password. – Tushar Sharma May 26 '16 at 11:19

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