I'm very new to Salesforce. However, I was asked to make some changes to an approval process. This has email sent at certain times during the process. I have a process change made that I want to test, but I can't seem to get an email out to me to help me confirm if my changes are working. I have the email set to my address, but I never get any. I also try the "Send Test and Verify Merge Fields" button on the email template that I'm using, but nothing to my inbox. I don't see any type of errors. It's tough to see if my changes are working when I can't get the email to go out. Is there any setting I don't know about or something special I need to set up (or just plain old something I could be doing wrong)? I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions that you could offer!!


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Have a look under Setup | Email Administration | Deliverability.
Newly created sandboxes have the default email deliverability set to "System email only."
The options are:

  • No access: Prevents all outbound email to and from users.
  • System email only: Allows only automatically generated emails, such as new user and password reset emails.
  • All email: Allows all types of outbound email. Default for new, non-sandbox organizations.
  • Thanks Doug! I had to set it at 'All email' and it works great. Thanks for your help!
    – Kurt
    Jun 3, 2013 at 16:01
  • No problem, glad to hear that worked for you :)
    – Doug B
    Jun 3, 2013 at 16:18
  • This has nailed me several times, so confusing!! Jun 4, 2013 at 13:29
  • I have a similar question @ salesforce.stackexchange.com/q/212666/38191 . Set it to 'All email' but still cant work, please help
    – compski
    Mar 28, 2018 at 4:16

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