I'am creating a standard picklist field with values "None" and "Yes" but when I see on the detail page while creating a record I see two none values in the picklist , one defined by me and other coming as by default .

How can I remove the standard None picklist value? Also , I want to make the "None" defined by me as the default picklist value selected while creating the record


Just go to the Picklist definition on the custom object and select Reorder and it allows you to set a Default value.

Build>Create>Objects>My Object>Custom Fields

Then on the page layout make the picklist required so it will not permit a value of the Salesforce default 'none'.

Build>Create>Objects>My Object>Page Layouts

This will mean that the standard Salesforce 'none' option on the picklist in the detail page is hidden.

  • thanks @Dave but this did not work . I am still seeing the default "--None--" value in the picklist. – Jitesh Goel May 26 '16 at 8:59
  • @JiteshGoel, you will also need to make field mandatory on page layout. Just editing this into the answer – Dave Humm May 26 '16 at 9:10

To make the default standard "None" value remove from the picklist their are two things required :-

  1. Make the field required from page layout.
  2. Go to replace in the picklist field and replace the standard "None" value from your any value in the picklist . Since the picklist is a set and no duplicate values can be present , so the "None" value will get removed from the picklist.
  3. In case you're using Record Types. Selecting another value than --None-- as the default value for that picklist in the record type.

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